333 Animals created by Revolue that guarantees access to
Digital | Physical | Experience & Curatorship

An Art Club that gives you access not only to amazing art pieces, but also to unique and exclusive experiences.



Unique 1/1 digital art NFT
created by Revolue


Have you ever thought about having a custom item by Revolue?


You will discover new places and in other ways.


We'll help you to get more involved in the world of NFTs


333 rare animals available created 1/1 by the hands of artist Revolue

Each of them is absolutely unique and exclusive.



Having more than 20 years creating and exploring the world of art, the artist presents himself as a multidisciplinary artist.
Bringing experience from previous NFT projects, he created the concept of Arcca in late 2021 along with 2 friends and assembled a team of professionals to deliver a real and true project to all those who love art in all forms: Physical, Digital and Experience.

“As I consider myself a contemporary artist, it is part of my creative process to experiment with everything that is new and Web3 is not left out of that.” Revolue


No robotic or random intervention will be part of the process. There will be 333 species with all the urban / contemporary style of the artist.



Mint is the action of selling/buying an NFT (non-fungible token) for the first time. We usually use MINT or MINT DAY to refer to the launch event of NFTs of a certain collection.

“It is the launch price of the collection.

We will soon announce the values for the Arcca tokens.”

It is the premium MINT list directed at our special supporters. Those who believe in and support our community. Whoever gets a place on the Arcca Whitelist will have early access to the mint as well as a special discount on the Mint Price.

More Details SOON!

There are different types of wallets and they vary according to the blockchain used by the project. Arcca will use Ethereum and the most commonly used wallet for it is metamask.io . You can create your wallet and deposit funds (eth) directly on their website.”

After the Mint, token owners can offer their NFTs on the secondary market and the most famous one is opensea.io, a marketplace 100% focused on NFTs.

We want to deliver not only high-quality art but also exclusive experiences and objects, so our roadmap will always be a priority not only for updates but also for commitment to all crew members.

They are all on instagram and twitter, please scroll down to know more about the Arcca Crew.



Bruno Ferreira

Advertiser / Co-Founder

Thiago Freire

Ex Apple In / Co-Founder

Pedro Colucci

Entrepreneur / Co-Founder

Felipe Siqueira

Entrepreneur / Co-Founder